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By spring 2013 I was at the end of several ropes. I’d been writing and writing, but the only thing I’d collected was advice (often useful) and rejections (useful, but difficult to swallow). Then a good friend made me listen … Continue reading

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2013 Assent Publishing “GREAT ROMANCE” Contest

What are your 2013 resolutions? I’ve talked with hundreds of writers and their answers ranged from writing more, writing better, writing more creatively and writing with passion. But above all these noble New Year resolutions was one particular wish … … Continue reading

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Romance Subgenres? I call them Romance SUPERgenres!

Romance is the biggest selling genre in the world. The WHOLE world. But as acquisitions editor here at Breathless Books, Assent Publishing’s Romance Imprint, I love all the subgenres of Romance. In fact, I call them Romance SUPERgenres because they … Continue reading

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